Ponder or Big Ben
Ponder is playing one of, if not the worst, defenses in NFL but tenn is almost as bad.
Also i have AP and Percy Harvin so thats a lot to put my faith in
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    shouldn't even have to ask this.. Go Ben!
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    Matt Mannie (500 Reputation Points)
    as a vikes fan - i would lean ben. the titans won't put up much of a fight and the running game in pitt is sort of hit and miss - their line isn't blowing defenders off the ball like in years past. the only question for him would be can the titans put up enough points to make ben throw in the 2nd half? - your call, not mine. were you not so purple already i might suggest ponder. but maybe this is a match-up in which you overlook that. i can foresee a couple of red zone dinks to rudolph though...good luck travis