Pick up a WR? What should my strategy be???
Bey, Lafell and Burleson are available. Should I drop...maybe Quizz and pick up a WR? Someone to fill in during bye weeks?...or should I stay put and wait? My flex spot is either WR or TE.

12 Team, PPR...WR/TE as flex.
QB:Brees, RG3
WR:Harvin, Lloyd, T. Smith
RB:McFadden, Sproles, Best, A. Green, J. Rodgers
TE:Hernandez, Rudolph
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    I would wait until the week before your byes come to see if anyone better becomes available.
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    Billy Vigliotti (500 Reputation Points)
    Stay put for now. Your WRs are solid and Quizz may have great value come playoff run. I like Burleson the most here, but would hold my cards if I were you. After Brees comes out of the BYE, maybe deal RG3 for an upgrade at WR or RB. Or, depending on how the GB situation unfolds, A. Green may be expendable. Best may not carry a lot of value either, and I have Quizz over both.