Matt Forte for Dez Bryant?
I got offered Dez Bryant for Matt Forte straight up. My other RBs are Ray Rice, Reggie Bush, CJ Spiller, and Michael Bush and my WRs are Roddy White, Colston, Dwayne Bowe, Garcon, and Brandon Gibson.
Normally, I would never make this trade, but the only thing that is making me consider it is the fact that ill have both White and Bowe on BYE next week and will be short on WRs, even though I'm sure I can float one week with Colston, Gibson, and Garcon
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    C Fino (500 Reputation Points)
    In my opinion I would just ride it out. I have bryant and I have not been impressed by him lately. He rides the bench.
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    Lawrence Serrano (500 Reputation Points)
    Forte as we all know is good at running the ball. Cutler is somewhat banged up and will not be playing this week according to reports. Bryant on the other hand can also run well, but keep in mind who is at the helm there. Hold on to Forte because he can out produce Bryant and I would rather know that he will week in week out score a number of FPts to make up for the 1 week he is on buy. Dallas is up and down with the offensive blocking. Sit him and reap the rewards after his buy because ultimately, you may not be in the 1st position for waivers and loose 1 of the best running backs with or without Cutler.
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    Billy Vigliotti (500 Reputation Points)
    NO! A lot depends on your format of course (how many RBs can you start, keeper league, etc), but you should get more for Forte who should have 4 great weeks coming off the bye before going to San Fran. If you are set on dealing Forte you need more. Otherwise look to deal Spiller or Bush for a WR not named Dez. Closton, Gibson and Garcon may all outproduce Dez next week.
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    Anton Deljaj (500 Reputation Points)
    i agree with you. I declined the offer already, im not putting Forte on the market. He's desperate for RB help, so I countered him with a trade where I would send him CJ Spiller and Pierre Garcon for Demaryius Thomas straight up.
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    dong le (461 Reputation Points)
    beras have 3 favorable matchups for RB after bye week, after that they have 5 unfavorable. I'd wait till than to trade.
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