my starting line
This week I'm thinking of running this line up

QB peyton manning
WR eric decker
WR miles austin
RB adrian peterson
RB frank gore
TE owen daniels
WR/RB ryan mathews
K greg zuerliner
Def Pitsburgh steelers

QB drew brees bye week
WR dez bryant
WR Brian hartline
RB ahmad bradshaw
TE heath miller
Def Arizona cardinals

Should I make any changes? Any favorable matchups I'm missing? Any input is appreciated, constructive or not.
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    Tim Harding (500 Reputation Points)
    Pretty much a no-brainer it appears.
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    C Fino (500 Reputation Points)
    thanks just double checking... this is my first year...
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    Andy Cochrane (110 Reputation Points)
    Bradshaw/Gore is pretty close for me. As for the DST I would only carry one and pick up an extra WR or RB.
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    Billy Vigliotti (500 Reputation Points)
    Go Arizona over Pittsburgh. Neither are facing good offenses and Arizona is averaging more than 2x as many points in most formats. They also have more playmakers who may sniff the endzone in the secondary and special teams. AZ a top 5 D for me this week.
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