season changer: STUDS FOR STUDS
i'm trying to pair two solid starters together for a foster/rice/mccoy since IMO depth is a strength on my team. so naturally, i attack the guy who's last in my league right? here's what he's got:

Winter is Cumming (Game of Thrones refererence)
QB: Eli/Schaub
RB: Foster/Turner/BJGE/Greene/etc
TE: Pettigrew/Chandler

Here's where i stand:
The Karchampions
QB: rodgers/romeo
RB: murray/t-rich/r.bush/d.brown/jacquizz in my pants
WR: nicks/colston/a.brown/stevie"madswag"johnson/rice/hawkins
TE: gronk/witten

R.Bush/Colston for Foster??? colston's just coming off that 3 td 31 point game, what do you guys think?

***league is standard scoring. 2 rb's, 2 wr's, 1 TE, 1 WR/RB/TE flex.
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    Matthews (542 Reputation Points)
    i would absolutely not do that trade and try to decide between bush, lawfirm, turner, and bjge...and i think your wr are enough to get you by until jennings is back. (note i try to avoid trading away foster or ray rice at all costs too)
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    Jon Olson (500 Reputation Points)
    little confused. i think you thought i was on the other team. idk but if i was him i might do that trade in his position at 0-5. he desperately needs a wr and colston is a top ten from here on out IMO with the saints swiss cheese D forcing brees to throw the ball down the field all game. do you think i have to give him gronk too, maybe receive pettigrew in return? so that would be r. bush/colston/gronk for foster/pettigrew