Pondering giving up Vick/McFadden for Luck/Lynch.
14 Team: 6 pts. per passing TD, otherwise standard (non ppr). Christian Ponder is in no way involved.
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    Aidan Milburn (500 Reputation Points)
    Yes, I would do it. Vick is valuable when rushing TD's are worth more, but if passing and rushing count the same take it. Lynch is doing much better than McFadden, and it should continue that way. Don't forget McFadden and Vick are injury prone. Do this trade for sure
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    JD (500 Reputation Points)
    Looking at the remaining schedules, I'd do this in a heartbeat.
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    Chris Webber (500 Reputation Points)
    Done deal. Thanks guys.
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    Josh Wade (500 Reputation Points)
    Do it before they cancel.
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    do it now.. I don't really like Luck over Vick, but Lynch over Dmc is enough for me..
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    JD (500 Reputation Points)
    Anthony, if you look at who they play the rest of the season, you should like Luck over Vick.