Gronk or Kyle Rudolph?
Reports out of NE are saying today that Gronk is in "a lot of pain". I know he will play, but should I start Kyle Rudolph who has an extremely favorable matchup against the Titans?
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    Anthony Best (381 Reputation Points)
    I normally would say Gronk, but he is beat up.. Sore hip ad back.. I would go Rudolph.
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    Travis McCollom (356 Reputation Points)
    I have this very same decision to make, and I'm going with Gronk. Gronk is a gamer that will play through the pain and he always gets around 6 or more targets, which can't be said about Rudolph.
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    Sysop (500 Reputation Points)
    gronk...... c'mon, ride the stud
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    Robert Shorts (500 Reputation Points)
    gronk all of the way unless he is too banged up..he is the first option of patriots offense
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    RUSSELL ARBOGAST (500 Reputation Points)
    i would go with rudolph.... seems like him and ponder have something and better to go with a healthy TE than a banged up one