PPR league - Which 3 do I start out of Alvin Kamara, Lesean McCoy, Melvin Gordon, Kareem Hunt and Kenyan Drake?
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    Andy McGrew (500 Reputation Points)
    I would rank them Kamara, Gordon, McCoy, Hunt...but McCoy and Hunt are very close (matchup based)
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    Nasir Uddin (500 Reputation Points)
    L­­a­­s­­t w­­e­­e­­k I j­­o­­i­­n­­e­­d­­ ­­N­­F­­L­­S­­Q­­T­­V­­. ­­C­­O­­M­­­ . . I­­t’s­­ t­­h­­e c­­h­­e­­a­­p­­e­­s­­t­­ o­­n­­l­­i­­n­­e­­ o­­p­­t­­i­­o­­n­­ o­­n w­­e­­b­­ t­­h­­i­­s­­ y­­e­­a­­r. J­­u­­s­­t­­ $29/y­­e­­a­­r­­l­­y­­ a­­n­­d y­­o­­u c­­a­­n w­­a­­t­­c­­h a­­n­­y T­­v c­­h­­a­­n­­n­­e­­l­­. I­­n­­c­­l­­u­­d­­i­­n­­g N­­­F­­L t­­h­­i­­s ­­y­­e­­a­­r
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    Rayford Munk (500 Reputation Points)
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    Stuart Connall (378 Reputation Points)
    Kamara, Drake, Hunt