Who should I keep in my PPR League? I can only choose 3

Rawls for a 13th rounder
Devante Parker for an 8th rounder
Kelvin Benjamin for a 7th rounder
Tyler Lockett for a 13th rounder
Bilal Powell for a 13th rounder
Willie Snead for a 13th rounder

(if I keep multiple for 13th rounders, than I'll lose a 12th rounder then an 11th rounder)
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    Austan Kas (419 Reputation Points)
    Lockett and Rawls are two obvious choices. Benji isn't a big value. I'd rather keep Snead, who is going in the 10th.
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    Hien Bui (419 Reputation Points)
    I was thinking about keeping Benjamin as a trade asset
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    Jeremy (517 Reputation Points)
    Agreed. Rawls and Lockett for sure, then Benjamin if you have to keep a third.
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    Matt Dirzulaitis (463 Reputation Points)
    I'd keep, Rawls, Lockett and Benjamin. I think Rawls and Lockett are easy keepers, but after that it was a tough decision. I think Benjamin offers the most value there in comparison to where he is normally drafted.