Are running backs still at the top in a 10 team, two keeper league?
In the past Numberfire ran an article about this format and getting early RB's was a really strong suggestion. Is that still true? Also, I've had Jamaal Charles for years as a keeper. Is it time to say goodbye now?
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    wsc79 . (352 Reputation Points)
    If you do keepers by round and Charles is a 1 then no, he is not worth keeping. As a second rounder, maybe but it depends on what else you have on your roster. What you are looking for here is value (if its by round). If its ESPN format where it just the first 2 rounds then you can do much worse than keeping Charles
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    Austan Kas (419 Reputation Points)
    RBs are still the backbone of a good fantasy roster, but there is some data showing that taking a WR early has its merits ( As for Charles, he's typically going early in the second round in 12-team formats, so he's probably still worth keeping.