PPR Keeper
$50 league, can keep up to 2, $20 extra to keep 3

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    Sephiroth (500 Reputation Points)
    If it is PPR, then Gronk is a no brainer. What round/pick did you get him last year?If you snagged Gronk rounds 2-3 then for sure he's a keeper
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    Austan Kas (419 Reputation Points)
    Without knowing any specifics of the format -- particularly, does it cost you the same to keep each player, or is there a different cost involved with each? -- I'd say Gronk is the only one I'd keep, especially if you lose a pick for keeping a player. Reed would be second on the list for me. Gore and J-Stew are probably being undervalued right now, and I think you can get them for cheap. Even if it's a two-QB league, I probably wouldn't keep either Brady or Cousins. If the "Cook" is actually Brandin Cooks and not Jared Cook, I may keep him. Jared Cook, no.
    Sephiroth (500 Reputation Points)
    evan renert (500 Reputation Points)
    definately brandon cooks, sorry about the typo