Thoughts on Numberfire's new format?
I don't like the direction your website is going with the annoying-ass slideshow articles, the new app that won't even let you access the articles and now these changes to the forum? Just wondering if the NF guys had any reasons for doing it and what other users thought? The articles and the forum are the best things about this site but you guys don't even feature the articles. Thanks for any feedback.
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    Ryan Evans (444 Reputation Points)
    As I've said elsewhere, I would prefer what is now called the "freeform" method of posting questions and getting feedback from others be the normal, as before. I'm fine with the new add/drop, start/sit, etc. "poll" type of questions being offered, but perhaps on a separate section of the site, or as an optional alternative to the freeform.

    I think I speak for many users when I say I began visiting this site regularly for the articles and for the way the "freeform" question system worked. It was refreshing being able to discuss difficult fantasy decisions candidly with other players who use NumberFire's metrics and site. Now, with the canned poll-style questions being pushed, this is now simply like many, many other sites out there. It has lost it's unique appeal, and a critical piece that brought many to NumberFire in the first place.

    I don't run the site and certainly don't have insight into reason this decision was made. I'm sure it was discussed at length and not some snap decision. But again, I think I speak for many others when I say I liked the freeform as it was and now find it difficult to sort through a screen full of high-level "select player A, B, or C" questions to get at the information and topics I really want.

    Just my two cents.
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    Kyle Boyd (556 Reputation Points)
    I agree 100%.
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