how do indivudal player projections work?
I notice that a lot of the players have the same projected pts this series (vs the grizzlies) as they did vs the warriors/OKC. I noticed Parker is 20.3 and Kawhi 11.9 projected pts scored which was the same as the other series and I believe the others are very close but can't remember exactly. How do the player projections work and should they be moving per series? (I noticed they wern't last series but figured since it's the same matchup that made more sense)
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    Keith Goldner (586 Reputation Points)
    The players will have the same or very similar comparable players to last series, but the comparable matchups will not be the same since it is a different opponent. Also, since the player plays over 82+ games, statistics in general won't vary a huge amount on a game-to-game basis, just marginally based on opponent.
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    Bryan Pellegrino (500 Reputation Points)
    ok sure I guess I was assuming defensive ratings / matchups would swing them much more than they actually do maybe. You guys have the #s not me so I trust you :)!