Is David Wilson worth picking up?
I have;
RBs: Jamaal Charles, BGE, Jacquizz Rogers and Marcel Reece.
WRs: Roddy White, Danario Alexander, Mike Williams, Stevie Johnson

Thanks Randal Senn and Danny B for your responses. I picked up Wilson and dropped Reece.

Considering this change, I'm thinking about the following lineup:
WR: Roddy White, Danario Alexander
RBs: Jamaal Charles, BGE
Flex: David Wilson.

How would you line up?
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    reignman (446 Reputation Points)
    that's what i would roll with. wilson is a risk but worth it given his upside. rodgers and stevie too inconsistent. williams vs NO might be a good one but not the way alexander has been lighting it up.
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    RANDALL SENN (540 Reputation Points)
    Yup. W McFadden back in and Bradshaw nicked up, Wilson has more value.
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    Danny B (396 Reputation Points)
    I would consider picking up Wilson and dropping Rodgers. Though if McFadden isn't going to miss any time with his most recent injury, I might drop Reece to get Wilson instead. I wouldn't take Wilson over anyone in that group of WRs.
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