Sit the Pats D?
I need 5 points combined from the Pats D and Stephen Gostowski tomorrow. There's a low-- but non-zero-- chance that Gostowski doesn't get that alone. Should I start the D and risk the chance they wind up in the negatives?
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    Kacee Giger (624 Reputation Points)
    You would only want to sit a player if you were already up, in my opinion. I could almost see this if all you needed was a point (as you know it won't be a shut out), but the Texans' defense is good and I could see the Patriots only scoring a TD or two. Play them both and I really like your chances tonight.
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    Sam McCann (500 Reputation Points)
    Thanks to you both, I will definitely start them. Hoping for the best, survived Cam's game so far and I'd be annoyed to fall because of a defense.
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    RANDALL SENN (540 Reputation Points)
    Novel idea. Houston hasn't turned it over much. But if this is a playoff game and you leave a player on the bench and Gostk kicks 4 extra points w/o a fg, you'd kick yourself the entire offseason.