Pick 3 (non PPR)
RB = 2 - WR = 2 & FLEX -
RBs = D Martin, T Rich, DeMarco Murray, Knoshown Moreno
WRs = Jennings, J Jones, Denarius Moore, Garcon, Shorts, Blackmon, Cruz

In my mind it's
RB = Martin, T Rich
WR = Cruz, Garcon
FLEX = Murray????
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    Andy Cochrane (110 Reputation Points)
    Martin, TRich Cruz, Garçon Jones
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    Danny B (396 Reputation Points)
    I agree with Ricta, but with one difference. I like Moreno over Murray at the flex. I think Murray is a better RB, but Dallas seems to have problems figuring out how to use their running backs and staying committed to the run. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of sitting a guy who gets to play the Raiders defense.
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    Ricta (500 Reputation Points)
    RB: Martin, T Rich
    WR: Cruz, Garcon and Jennings pretty close to me
    Flex: Murray for sure
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