Houston D vs New England
Would you do this??? I grabbed Tampa Bay that is playing against Philadelphia and a rookie QB in Foles. Thoughts?
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    Nicholas McKeta (500 Reputation Points)
    If you can manage to keep NE defense and pick up another one instead, do that. NEs schedule is: vs SF, @ Jax, vs Mia down the stretch.
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    Zachary Bardou (500 Reputation Points)
    I would definitely bail on HOU DST this week. I added BUF against STL, but I wonder if TB would be better. They are supposedly a tough matchup for Brown, but I wonder if that's just because everybody throws (resulting in the low rushing yards allowed). Since, Philly really can't throw, I suspect Brown will expose TB's "top" rush defense mirage.
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    Ron Clark (500 Reputation Points)
    NE gives up on the average somewhere around 2 defensive fantasy points. Brady has 4 int's and he gets rid of the ball. Barring an amazing return for a TD of some sort, I see no way the Texans D can come out of this with more than a handful of points at best. I too am going to roll with another D this week.