injury riddled - need help
This year has been a disaster. My original 15 man roster consisted of Fred Jackson and Pierre Garcon who went down in quarter 1 of week 1. Beanie Wells, who sucks and followed suit not long after and injuries as of late to Antonio Brown, Percy Harvin, Jordy Nelson, Willis McGahee and mid-season issues with Jimmy Graham have left me in disarray.

This is week 2 of round 1 of the playoffs, and despite starting Eric Decker, Jordy Nelson and Justin Blackmon last week for a combined 9 or so fantasy points in PPR I only trail by 10 points. Help get me the win!

My current WR starters for this week are Justin Blackmon, Eric Decker and Antonio Brown. I snagged Chris Given on the waiver, and the highest scoring WR options available are the likes of Kendall Wright and Nate Washington in Tennessee, Donnie Avery in Indy and Josh Gordon in Cleveland.

My current RB starts are Dwyer in Pitt and Morris in Washington. My bench backs are McFadden in Oakland and Jackson in Buffalo. I must start 2 backs, 2 wides and a flex. I'm desperate for advice. I have to make waiver decisions all year with my injuries, and I always seem to start the wrong person. Please help! I don't trust my judgement at this point.

As an added bonus I have the Texans D against NE this week. They've served me well all year, but this matchup terrifies me. Who has a great matchup based D this week?
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    Le (435 Reputation Points)
    Wow, rough year. I can relate to some of these injuries b/c I had them too. You must have a kickass QB.
    I'd say pick a different D this week. Maybe Jets or Cleveland if the usualy Chicago/Denver/SF are all taken.
    RB - I'd go with McFadden even vs. Denver b/c he'll get 20 touches and Morris. Dwyer is the starter but you know Redman may get hot or even throw Mendenhall back in the mix.
    WR - Decker b/c he can catch some TD's and it's Peyton. Blackmon b/c SHorts is hurt.
    Flex - If it's going to be close, I'd go with Dwyer over Givens. But I think Givens has more upside. And only Dwyer if Ben is back.
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    Ron Clark (500 Reputation Points)
    I have Rodgers, but he's not been fantastic imo. Good, but not what I expected when I drafted him in the 1st round. I'm giving real consideration to Cleveland because Brady Quinn thinks it counts as a completion if the other team catches it. lol
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    Nik Bonaddio (433 Reputation Points)
    Morris and Dwyer are good plays. As far as WR, Decker, Brown, and Blackmon are probably the right plays as well.
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