Starting Defense?
So I had the pleasure of having the Bears as my Defense this season, but sadly they are falling apart. Their injuries and upcoming schedule does not give me hope for my bears. There are a few teams on the waiver that I can pick up to finish off the playoffs. Those teams are; Tampa Bay, Chargers, Bengals, Bills, and the Redskins. Any suggestions for the upcoming few weeks?
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    Clate Hendricks (529 Reputation Points)
    Im taking a shot with the Buccs D this week. I think Cincy's D has been better overall but Dallas offense looked really strong last week. I like Tampas matchup of a good rush D vs a Phili team that has only been able to run the ball as of late. I predict that Phili will score 21 pts but they will give up 3 turnovers. My other option is New England. They have been getting good points he past few weeks but are playing Houston this week. I dont see Houston turning over the ball more than once this week or scoring more points than Phi will against TB. Any thoughts?
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    RANDALL SENN (540 Reputation Points)
    Bengals are 2nd in leauge in sacks. Improving a lot. Tampa maaaaaaaybe. Other's forget about them.