If Reggie Wayne still a WR1?
I'm feeling that I'm now starting him out of loyalty, and his name, and not his stats. Some stats:

Double digits 2 of last 8 weeks
Yards Last 5: 78, 96, 72, 102, 51
FP Last 5: 13, 9, 7, 10, 5

He gets targets and yardage, but not TD's or FP. I've watched Indy and seen how defenses shut Wayne down in the end zone, forcing Luck to look elsewhere for TD's: Avery (2 last week), Hilton (4 in last 5 weeks) and Luck (5 rushing TD's).

Going by stats, I should be starting Shorts, Givens, Danario Alexander - even TY Hilton over him, right?

Do I stick with Reggie, and if not which of these guys do I start I have Jordy and Shorts (both questionable) plus Danario, and Josh Gordon as options.

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    Mike Conley (434 Reputation Points)
    nF has him projected for 2nd most likely WR to get a TD this week, .03 behind Calvin Johnson, so if I am you I ride him out. However, if you don't trust him I'd pick shorts if healthy, then givens if amendola is out, and if neither of those situations play out I like Gordon (not too high on DX vs Pit, and I don't think Jordy plays)
    Ben Dean (500 Reputation Points)
    Thanks for the quick and helpful answer. I look at other rankings (nF aside) and just wonder how he's been a top 5 WR all year (though this week he's dropped in most rankings). If it wasn't the playoffs I'd give him one more week. I may stick with him and cross my fingers, due to the matchup.
    Ben Dean (500 Reputation Points)
    Actually how does nF put him SO close to Calvin Johnson, whose last 5 FP are: 12, 24, 18, 20, 23. I don't get it. Is it the matchup?
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    Jesse Hunt (500 Reputation Points)
    Danario is a stud. Givens should be played if Amendola sits. I think he is still a #1 WR. 3rd in receptions and 3rd in recieving yards. Most targeted WR in Indy.
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