Week 15 (semi-finals) QB Question
Have Tony Romo as my QB, but he will be playing the Steelers next week. Should I pick someone up to replace him? Russel Wilson, Brandon Weeden, Jay Cutler, Tannehill, and Bradford are the best available
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    Ajay Sutton (383 Reputation Points)
    Romo will be playing Cincy, not Pit. Pit isn't until the week after.

    For this week...Definitely not Tannehill or Bradford. Only one worth considering is Weeden, but that's only because he's playing the god-awful Chiefs.

    I'd just keep Romo for the duration man. All arguments against his clutch factor aside, Dez and Jason Witten are playing at the top of their game right now, giving him great options to keep passing to. With DeMarco back to spread D's out, Romo is by far your best option, especially with the Saints on the schedule after Pit.
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    Scott Wilson (500 Reputation Points)
    Yeah, this week is Week 14....Romo plays Pitt in Week 15. I have a bye in my playoffs this week, so I was just asking about Week 15 when he goes against Pitt. I'm probably going to stick with Romo, but the fact that Pitt's Defense only gives up 170 passing yards a game had me worried.