With Roethlisberger out does your survivor pick change?
Does your opinion for a survivor pick change now that we know that Roethlisberger is confirmed out? Baltimore also doesn't have tons of future value.

My other options would by BUF, NYJ, DET, or CAR
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    JD (500 Reputation Points)
    Wow, you need to look at each teams' remaining schedules. Do you have Pitt or Balt?
    You are right - if you have Balt this may be the only week to play them, but for THIS week Carolina (KC) and the Jets (AZ) both look juicy, NEXT week Buff and the Jets kinda do, in three weeks Detroit does (AZ), in four weeks Car gets Oak, and for the last weekend Pitt gets Clv, and that can go either way else you get the Jets @ Buff or Car @ NO.

    This may be the only weekend to play the Jets and Car, in looking at the remaining schedules.
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    Andrew Scott (500 Reputation Points)
    Yea I should have clarified...I Still have Baltimore, NYJ, Bills, Carolina, and Buff but I have already used Pitt. Thanks for the advice!