BAD RB choices - help!
I need to pick two:
Marcel Reece @ Cinci
Bryce Brown (H) Car
Hillman @ KC
Starks @ NYG
Parmele (H) Tenn
Stevens-Howling (H) StL

I have them listed above in NUMBERFIRE rank order.

The Caveat to that is this: Tennessee's run defense is the 4th worst, has given up 8 TD's to opposing RB's, the others are as follows:
KC - 6th - just 5 TD's
Car - 10th - 6 TD's
Cin - 11th - 9 TD's
StL - 14th - 9 TD's also
NYG - 27th worst-ie 6th best - 4 TD's.

My gut says Reece and Parmele or Hillman, but with Henne playing really well and with all the passing options Parmele scares me, with Philly's line issues and with Foles at QB that scares me - I think Philly (BBrown) may be more interested in keeping Foles upright than trying to establish a running game with Shady out, Hillman may be in a RBBC situation, Stevens-Howling I don't know what to think, and Beanie may be back, and I don't know what Starks can do against the Giants beyond GB being a pass-first, second and third team (and with Jordy back).

Does anyone have some clear-cut thoughts?
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    Tommy Tedesco (500 Reputation Points)
    Go with Reece and Hillman. Reece will get any potential opportunities out of the backfield, and he's also proven to be a legitimate threat as a pass catcher in case Cincy goes up big early. Hillman, while in a committee, has still been seeing the considerable majority of carries. He would most likely get any goalline opportunites should they arise, and the committee shouldn't be too scary this week in what should be a run-happy Broncos team in a comfortable game against the lowly Chiefs. I think Parmele is your next best choice if you don't like either of those two. It'd be foolish to mess around with Starks or Stevens-Howling this week
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    RANDALL SENN (540 Reputation Points)
    Wells is back. I'd go with Bryce and Reece. I see Lance Ball getting the goal line touches, not Hillman.
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