Is it wise to drop Gronk and McGahee?
We do playoffs weeks 15-17.
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    Dan1400 (327 Reputation Points)
    McGahee should be out 6 to 8 weeks, so if you need the roster space then you can drop him. As for Gronk I have read anywhere from 3 - 8 weeks. So I would hold on to him.
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    John (542 Reputation Points)
    Gronk is the type of player who can win you a championship if he puts up a 25 point game vs. other TEs putting up 10-15 on good days. For that reason I say keep him if he comes back week 15.
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    Cory Gill (451 Reputation Points)
    I agree, drop Mcgahee and keep Gronk.
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    RANDALL SENN (540 Reputation Points)
    Even if I'm out of the playoff picture, with the trading deadline already passed, as a matter of principle I wouldn't release Gronk so that another player could pick him up for the playoffs. Particualarly if you've been playing in the same league/wthe same players for several years. Would just tick them off.
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    James Macisso (500 Reputation Points)
    Agreed, hold Gronk at least until you hear he's definitely out until playoffs. McGahee you can dump
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    Sheckie (404 Reputation Points)
    I agree with Dan. Hold on to Gronk. Even if McGahee comes back during the fantasy season, he probably wouldn't be 100%. Holding on to him isn't necessary.
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    The Diesel (386 Reputation Points)
    Agree with Dan