Which d and which bye week rb?
12 team standard
Peyton Rice AP Julio Decker Nelson Gates Steelers d

Be: luck britt mendy djax j bell d Richardson Rudolph

Do I drop bell or Richardson for rams d since I have steelers d playing against rice
With ap on bye, if mendy can't go, do I drop bell or Richardson to pick up Starks?
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    Adam Savrin (349 Reputation Points)
    No and maybe. I'd stick with the Steelers D. Baltimore sucks at home. The Steelers can give up 150 yards and a TD to Rice. If those are the only 7 pts they give up and they pick off Flacco a few times (who is terrible on the road), then you get a good game from both of them.

    As for RB, thats tough. Thankfully you have a good lineup. I have AP, Decker, and Nelson too. If this is NOT a keeper league, then you can drop Richardson for Starks. I might use Bell over Starks though. I dont really trust any GB back. If it was PPR, I'd say use Bell, even over Mendy.

    Even Mendenhall's not that great of an option since he's not healthy. I assume Marcel Reece and Daniel Thomas are gone. Is LaRod Stephens-Howling available? I'd probably use him over Bell/Starks/Richardson. If not, I'd probably drop Richardson for Starks and take all week agonizing over the Bell/Starks decision.
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