What is up with this trade? Jermichael Finley and Miles Austin for Cecil Shorts?
So I picked up Cecil Shorts three weeks ago when I realized he was about 90% of their offensive production (out of not much, but still he is a huge chunk) he has produced big for me.

Now out of nowhere comes a trade offer for him they are offering Jermichael Finley and Miles Austin.

What's up? I need success at my WR position, especially this week with CJ on bench.

Here is my lineup:

QB: Tom Brady, Philip Rivers
WR: Hakeem Nicks (ouch all season), Eric Decker (ouch last week), Cecil Shorts (yay)
Benched WR: Randall Cobb and Emmanuel Sanders
TE: Joel Dreessen (I could probably use Finley, but IDK if I would start him over Dreessen)
RBs: Chris Johnson and Doug Martin
Benched RBs: Mikel Leshoure and DeMarco Murray

Am I missing something here or is this guy trying to poach a superstar that I just locked on to early?

I just checked strength of schedule for WRs and Miles Austin and the Dallas Cowboys have the 2nd easiest, while Cecil Shorts and the Jags have the 7th easiest, so that is more or less a wash.
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    The Diesel (386 Reputation Points)
    Finley is a worthless turd and has been all year. your basically trading shorts for austin. try to get a different TE
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    George Possley (531 Reputation Points)
    This trade is so crazy in your favor that you HAVE to take it. Just drop Finley. He, as someone else suggested, is a worthless turd who talks a good game but doesn't produce. Shorts has so little value in our league that when I dropped him two weeks ago, he remains on waivers. We have a 10 team standard league.
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    Adam Savrin (349 Reputation Points)
    I fail to see where you have a problem at WR. Decker has possibly been the hottest WR in football the past few weeks. So he had one bad game. So what. He's been a superstud the previous 5 weeks, and has an incredible schedule. You're starting him every week no matter what. Nicks had 9 catches for 75 yards. He's on his way back and has matchups with Washington and New Orleans coming up. Randall Cobb has been spectacular. Looking ahead, if I'm you, I'm starting those three most weeks.

    Cecil Shorts is NOT a superstar. He's had TWO really good games - Green Bay and Indy. Then he had solid games against Minnesota and Oakland. His only other double digit game was the first Indy game, but he just had one catch in that game (it just so happened to be a long TD).

    So Austin has the better schedule, as you point out. Austin clearly has the better QB. Austin has also outperformed Shorts all season. I think you need to take this deal with or without Finley.

    Then try to move Rivers and Finley to get a decent TE. If you can't pulloff a trade, there has to be someone out there - Olsen, Myers, Pettigrew, Pitta, Cook. I'd take all of those guys over Dreesen or Finley.
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    Kacee Giger (624 Reputation Points)
    Yes, definitely make this trade. Miles should beat Shorts most week and they play the Saints in Week 16, so you know he'll have a big game then. Even if you never play Finley (though I would over Dreessen), I like this trade.
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    Ryan Carr (712 Reputation Points)
    Agreed. This is Austin for Shorts - I think you're coming out ahead with this one. I wouldn't want to be forced to rely on shorts as the season closes. If you can get a little more, press the issue. Either way I think you're good.
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