Who to keep for 2013 Season???

I'm in an 8-Team, PPR, 4-Keeper League and I'm struggling as to which players should fill my last two spots as "keepers". I drafted 6th spot and went with Stafford as based on our pts set-up, QBs and WRs have high value. We're allowed to have only 4-RBs and 5-WRs max on your team. Starting line-up is 1-QB, 2-RBs, 2-WRs, 1-TE, 1-Offensive Position (any QB, WR, RB, TE), 1-DT, 1-K.

My team is as follows:

QB - RG3 <<< Keeper
QB - Stafford <<<Drafted 1st
QB - Palmer
WR - Cruz <<< Keeper
WR - Welker
WR - Coltson
WR - S. Smith
WR - Cobb (picked up off waivers)
RB - Bradshaw
RB - Sproles
RB - Morris (picked up off waivers)
RB - Ingram (picked up off waiver; dropped Mendehall)
TE - Graham
K - Bryant
DT - Patriots and Dolphins

I know I'm weak on RBs, but trade dead line has passed last week. Morris is presently ranked 11th or so in FPs as he doesn't get many receiving yardage as some other RBs do. If this was not a PPR League, then he'd be ranked 4-5th in FPs.

I usually have a 3rd WR placed as my 'flex' position. I'm 4-5 record, but my 3-4 loses were based on playing the wrong team that week - Basically, their players played above the norm and I got blown out.

Still waiting how the season goes to make a final decision, however, I'm leaning towards keeping Stafford to play 'flex' or QB just in case RG3 slumps in 2013. I think Stafford can come back to racking up Fantasy Points next year. We're able to trade in the offseason as long as the traded players end up as a Keeper. I may choose to trade Stafford for a better RB, but keep in mind that if Stafford gets back to 90% of last year FPs, only Foster and Rice would out point him and those RBs will not get traded by the two teams in my league.

That leaves Morris, Graham, Cobb, Welker as my final choices.I'd like to go with either Morris or Graham and perhaps Cobb as their young and bound to get better.

Morris, my concern is the same as RG3. Is there going to be a set back? Too many players from one team....more concerning if the same applied to the 4-keepers??? I think his receptions in the back field will improve as he gets more seasoned and the Redskins develop their team offence. He has only 5 Recps and 35 yards where others have 20 Recps and 150 yards!!!

Graham, a poor start due to health reasons, but is young and a great TE in an overall week spot in the NFL. Brees loves to pass to this guy which is one of the reasons for my Draft Picks.....choose WRs and TEs players on great offensive teams with great QBs passing.

Cobb, Rogers speaks highly of him as a great talent that will be around Green Bay for a long time and Cobb will turn into the best draft pick in Green Bay history. Unfortunately, Green Bay is stacked on offence and I'm concerned about getting receptions once Jennings and Nelson are healthy.

Welker is a FP machine, but is getting old and I can probably pick him up again in our draft. BTW - Keep in mind that the likes of Welker have as many points as Foster given its a PPR league.

How would you keep???
Thanks for the input!
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