Dustin Keller or Kyle Rudolph
Who should I Start?
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    Matthews (542 Reputation Points)
    it is tough...i think that rudolph might see a lot more targets now that harvin is out, but he has been such a headache lately...sea. is tough d. and i cant trust going rudolph but man its close
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    Ryan Carr (712 Reputation Points)
    Tough call. After thinking about it, the only thing that I really like about Rudolph is that they'll have to get it to him somehow with Harvin out. Aside from that, Keller has been getting just as many targets. For matchup, SEA has LBs that are great against the run but struggle in coverage. Conversely, the DET LBs are adequate versus the run but are very good in coverage, particularly Tulloch who should be on Rudolph a fair amount. My gut says Keller. Good luck.