Which two? Jimmy Graham, Heath Miller and Brandon Lloyd.?
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    Not a bad list to choose from, as all three have great opportunities this week. If I had to narrow to just two, it would be Graham & Miller, in my opinion. Graham is healthy and is a monster. Brees will be zeroing in on him throughout the game, particularly in the RedZone. For Miller,,,watch to see if Antonio Brown plays or not, as Miller will have even better odds. Ben will want to get way ahead in points. You just don't want too early of a lead where they strap the cowbell on Redman/Dwyer and chug the largest % of the game.
    Here's the plus on Lloyd -
    Lloyd & Brady have had a week off and I think those two are much more in synch,,,, I like all Pats scoring core this week. With Lloyd, you have potential for deep yardage scores.
    Good luck