Does Hernandez kill Wes Welker?
It seems like Welkers numbers take a real hit when Hernandez is in the lineup, should I think of trading him?
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    George Possley (531 Reputation Points)
    Maybe I'm just a-stupid, but isn't the idea in fantasy football to accumulate the players who have the most potential for scoring fantasy points and then playing them? The days when Welker was Brady's only option have passed. Now it's between Gronk, Hernandez and Welker and BRandon Lloyd is the odd-man out. There are plenty of reasons to play both Welker and Hernandez. Why trade one? Why tempt fate to kick you in the 'nads for guessing wrong?
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    Nicholas McKeta (500 Reputation Points)
    I really hope not. I still want to believe that Welker is Brady's "Security Blanket".