Should I trade Randall Cobb for jordy Nelson?
Randall Cobb or jordy Nelson
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    Nicholas McKeta (500 Reputation Points)
    Short answer: No
    Long answer: Absolutely not! The primary reason being they are on the same team so they are both have an equal shot at getting the ball, and only once can get it at a time. if you want to move Cobb (which you shouldn't) try to get a RB for him.
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    George Possley (531 Reputation Points)
    I'm a Packer fan and I agree. Cobb is getting more touches at RB in addition to his skills in the slot. Jordy is definitely the Home Run guy but I'd still stay with Cobb.
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    Zachary Shane Donaldson (386 Reputation Points)
    Nelson has been injury prone this year, I would hold onto Cobb, he is having a breakout year.