NHL Stanley Cup Odds: The Rangers Are Favorites

The NHL Playoffs start on Wednesday. Which teams are most likely to win the Stanley Cup this year?

And then there were 16.

There are few things better than the NHL Playoffs, and fortunately for sports fans, they get going in just a couple of days.

If you're curious as to who will be lifting Lord Stanley's Cup this year, the table below shows who our algorithm likes. The nERD column depicts the average goal differential we'd expect that team to see against a league-average opponent. So, naturally, a nERD of zero is average. And, as you might guess, no playoff team has a below-average nERD score.

RankTeamStanley CupnERD
1New York Rangers13.93%0.63
2St. Louis Blues11.53%0.60
3Tampa Bay Lightning11.19%0.51
4Chicago Blackhawks9.28%0.52
5Montreal Canadiens7.17%0.34
6Washington Capitals6.87%0.36
7Minnesota Wild5.51%0.35
8Anaheim Ducks5.03%0.18
9Winnipeg Jets4.87%0.23
10Nashville Predators4.27%0.24
11Vancouver Canucks4.04%0.12
12Calgary Flames3.98%0.16
13Ottawa Senators3.31%0.15
14Pittsburgh Penguins3.09%0.17
15New York Islanders3.08%0.15
16Detroit Red Wings2.85%0.09