NHL Daily Fantasy Helper: Tuesday 12/20/22

NHL DFS is similar to MLB in terms of how you build lineups, how you view stacking, and how to value players.

Two main points to always focus on in NHL DFS are what lines the players are on and making sure the goalies you are rostering are confirmed as the starters. Two of the best resources for that are LeftWingLock.com and DailyFaceOff.com. That is where you can find updated forward and power-play lines for each team, along with which goalies are confirmed as the starters.

Let's jump in and take a look at today's slate and some players to consider for your lineups.

Goalie to Target

Pheonix Copley/Jonathan Quick ($6,500): The Los Angeles Kings are the largest (-265) moneyline favorites on tonight's slate and have a favorable matchup against the Anaheim Ducks. When it comes to Copley or Quick, they are both the minimum salary for a goalie and offer a massive amount of cap relief as massive home favorites.

The Ducks are scoring only 1.98 Goals per 60 minutes in five-on-five situations, which is the third-lowest in the league. On top of that, they have a bad 50.68 Corsi For (Total Shot Attempts Created), which is the fifth-worst in the league. It's not an exaggeration to say they are one of the worst offenses in the league, putting Copley/Quick in a spot for the win.

High-Salaried Skaters

Kevin Fiala ($7,300): Not only are the Ducks terrible on offense, but they are also terrible on defense. They sit in the bottom two of the league in Goals Allowed (3.34) and Corsi Against (63.65; Total Shot Attempts Allowed), both per 60 minutes in five-on-five situations.

The Kings are a solid offensive team and find themselves in the top half of the league in both Goals Scored (2.56) and Corsi For (59.35), making this a lopsided matchup. Fiala is on the first forward line and the first power-play, racking up 12 NHL points and 30 shots on goal over his last 10 games. However, 10 of those 12 points are from assists. Fiala hasn't scored a goal in his last six games despite averaging three shots on goal per game. His role is great, and he's due for a goal.

Nazem Kadri ($7,000): The Calgary Flames have a 3.34 implied goal total tonight against the San Jose Sharks, putting them in a good spot for some goals. The Flames are all over the place right now; there's no other way to put it. They look good in one game and horrible in the next one. They are inconsistent, but this is a favorable matchup to keep their offense going.

The Sharks are allowing 3.08 Goals per 60 minutes in five-on-five situations, which is the fifth-most in the league and the second-most among teams on tonight's slate. Kadri has 9 NHL points and 39 shots on goal in his last 10 games, seeing time on the second forward line and the first power-play unit.

Value Skaters

Daniel Sprong ($5,500): Sprong is on the fourth forward line. That isn't a spot I normally look for DFS plays, but he is also on the first power-play unit. That has allowed him to rack up 7 NHL points and 26 shots on goal in the last 10 games, which is top-line production. He's rather productive in the time he is on the ice and should be able to maintain that today. The Seattle Kraken have a 3.28 implied goal versus the St. Louis Blues, who allow the 11th-most (2.67) Goals per 60 minutes in five-on-five situations.

Morgan Frost ($4,100): Are the Philadelphia Flyers a good team? No. Do they have a good matchup tonight? Yes. The Columbus Blue Jackets are last in the league in both Goals allowed (3.51) and Corsi Against (65.36), making this the softest defensive matchup you can find. Frost is only $4,100 and is on the first forward line and the first power-play unit. That is a big-time role for a player whose salary is this low, which should make him one of the top value plays on the slate. Frost has totaled 6 NHL points, 17 shots on goal, and 11 blocked shots in his last 10 games.