NHL Daily Fantasy Helper: Monday 11/7/22

NHL DFS is similar to MLB in terms of how you build lineups, how you view stacking, and how to value players.

Two main points to always focus on in NHL DFS are what lines the players are on and making sure the goalies you are rostering are confirmed as the starters. Two of the best resources for that are LeftWingLock.com and DailyFaceOff.com. That is where you can find updated forward and power-play lines for each team, along with which goalies are confirmed as the starters.

Let's jump in and take a look at today's slate and some players to consider for your lineups.

Goalie to Target

Linus Ullmark ($8,600): The Boston Bruins are solid -210 home favorites and should be able to come away with a win over the St. Louis Blues. To this point in the season, the Blues are one of the bigger disappointments across the league and are simply a mess. They are scoring only 1.60 goals per 60 minutes in five-on-five situations, which is the fewest in the league. On top of that, they are allowing the sixth-most (3.19) goals in those same situations.

Being near the bottom of the league in both areas is a recipe for disaster and can lead to some very lopsided games. Ullmark is off to a good start this year with a .929 save percentage while allowing only 1.81 goals per game. The overall strength of the Bruins' offense and the bad Blues' defense should put Ullmark in a spot to come away with the win.

High-Salaried Skaters

David Pastrnak ($10,400): On top of the Bruins being large home favorites, they have a 3.44 implied total tonight and should be able to surpass it. As noted above, the Blues are struggling on defense, and on top of the goals, they are also allowing a 59.69 Corsi Against (Total Shot Attempts Allowed) per 60 minutes in five-on-five situations, which is the 10th-most in the league.

Pasta has 19 NHL points through 12 games, putting him tied for the fourth-most in the league. On top of that, he has 62 shots -- or 5.1 shots on goal per game -- which is the third-most in the league. He is an elite goal-scorer with a high volume of shots on a nightly basis, and he brings hat-trick potential to every slate.

Leon Draisaitl ($10,300): Draisaitl (23 NHL points) and teammate Connor McDavid (25 NHL points) sit at the top of the league for the most points, which is a surprise to no one. When they are both on the slate, it's a legitimate coinflip on who you should roster, and it comes down to one thing for me today -- Draisaitl's salary is $400 less than McDavid's. That's it.

While that may seem arbitrary, their production is very comparable on a per-game basis, and considering we are dealing with a very small three-game slate, every salary dollar matters for roster construction. You can also simply choose to roster both McDavid and Draisaitl -- which is always a great choice.

When it comes to the matchup, the Edmonton Oilers have a 3.55 implied total, and Draisaitl should be involved with that scoring due to his role on the second forward line and the first power-play unit.

Value Skaters

Jonathan Huberdeau ($5,000): I can't believe Huberdeau is a value play at $5,000, but here we are. To give some context, Huberdeau opened up the season at $9,200 about three weeks ago. He was coming off a season where he posted 115 points in 80 games with the Florida Panthers, which was a career year for him.

Huberdeau has just five points through 10 games with the Calgary Flames, so he's off to a bit of a slower start than most were anticipating. However, what hasn't changed is his role on the first forward line and the first power-play unit, and that's the bright spot in all of this. Yes, there has been a clear lack of production from Huberdeau, but this is the time to buy low on a player with a big offensive role.