NHL Daily Fantasy Helper: Thursday 3/24/22

NHL DFS is similar to MLB in terms of how you build lineups, how you view stacking, and how to value players.

Two main points to always focus on in NHL DFS are what lines the players are on and making sure the goalies you are rostering are confirmed as the starters. Two of the best resources for that are LeftWingLock.com or DailyFaceOff.com. That is where you can find updated forward and power-play lines for each team, along with which goalies are confirmed as the starters.

Let's jump in to take a look at today's slate and some players to consider for your lineups.

Goalie to Target

Ville Husso ($8,000): The St. Louis Blues are -285 home favorites against the Philadelphia Flyers and, frankly, need to be winning this game. The Blues have won only 3 of their last 10 games and are in the midst of a very close playoff race in the Central Division. The Flyers are one of the weaker teams in the league and are only scoring 2.27 goals per 60 minutes in five-on-five situations, which is the 11th lowest in the league.

The Blues' offense is one of the best in the league, scoring the eighth-most (2.84) Goals in the same situations. This is a clear spot we want to be targeting Husso in net; their offense should be able to power them to a win rather than Husso being the sole reason they are winning.

High-Priced Skaters

Claude Giroux ($6,100): Giroux is set to make his debut for the Florida Panthers after being traded by the Flyers last weekend. The former Flyers' captain is expected to be on the first forward line and the first power-play for the Panthers, putting him in a great spot to make an immediate contribution to their league-leading offense. Giroux had 3 NHL points and 23 shots on goal in his last 10 games -- a level of production that should only increase given the strength of the Panthers' offense.

They come in with a slate-high 3.98 implied goal total and are taking on the Montreal Canadiens, who are in the bottom 10 of the league in goals allowed (2.88) and Corsi Against (57.79) (Total Shot Attempts Allowed), both per 60 minutes in five-on-five situations. They have been one of the worst defenses all season long, and with the Panthers' offense getting even stronger, it's time to stack them up tonight.

Filip Forsberg ($8,300): Forsberg can't stop and won't stop scoring goals. Forsberg has 8 goals, 18 total NHL points, and 31 shots on goal over the last 10 games. Honestly, he's a bit too low-salaried given his level of production and his matchup against the Vegas Golden Knights, who are in an absolute free-fall right now. They've lost 7 of their last 10 games. They've also allowed at least three goals in 7 of these last 10 games, making them a clear defense to target tonight.

The Predators have jumped into the top half of the league for the most goals scored (2.61) per 60 minutes in five-on-five situations. That's in part due to Forsberg's recent outburst of scoring. He's hot right now and facing a team rolling out their third-string goalie. That should all lead to more points for Forsberg.

Value Skaters

Kyle Connor ($3,600): In what is clearly a mistake salary, Kyle Connor is only $3,600. That's right, the player with fifth-most (39) goals in the entire league and posting 1.2 NHL points per game is under $4,000. This is a free square tonight. Simply, roster Connor in every single format since he will never be near this mark again. He will be back up to his normal $9,000 salary the next time he is on the slate.

The Winnipeg Jets have a strong 3.84 implied goal total tonight and are -240 home favorites going up against the Ottawa Senators -- a defense we've attacked all season. They are another defense that sits in the bottom 10 of the league in goals allowed (2.71) and Corsi Against (58.97), making this an ideal matchup. He's far too low-salaried and should be the chalkiest player on the slate.

Kailer Yamamoto ($5,000): Yamamoto has 10 NHL points in his last seven games and is one of the hottest players in the league right now. Whether or not he can continue this level of production is yet to be seen, but playing on the top-line for the Edmonton Oilers alongside Connor McDavid has its benefits. Yamamoto is reaping those rewards right now. With a 3.88 implied goal total, the Oilers -- and maybe Yamamoto -- should continue their scoring streak tonight.