NHL Daily Fantasy Helper: Monday 10/18/21

NHL DFS is similar to MLB in terms of how you build lineups, how you view stacking, and how to value players.

Two main points to always focus on in NHL DFS are what lines the players are on and making sure the goalies you are rostering are confirmed as the starters. Two of the best resources for that are LeftWingLock.com or DailyFaceOff.com. That is where you can find updated forward and power-play lines for each team, along with which goalies are confirmed as the starters.

Let's jump in to take a look at today's slate and some players to consider for your lineups.

Goalie to Target

Jacob Markstrom ($7,800): With the Calgary Flames being large -220 home favorites, we should look to Markstrom as a solid option in net tonight. Markstrom had a rough start to the season, allowing 4 goals on 32 shots against the Edmonton Oilers, but tonight's matchup is much easier against the Anaheim Ducks. Luckily for Markstrom, the Ducks don't have a Connor McDavid, and their offense is far weaker compared to the Oilers.

This is shown by the fact the Ducks are holding a 40.80 Corsi For (Shot Attempts Created) per 60 minutes in five-on-five situations, which is the second-lowest in the league. Markstrom should cruise for most of the night and is primed to pick up his first win of the season.

High-Priced Skaters

Matthew Tkachuk ($6,700): The Flames hold a 3.21 implied goal total tonight, and they should be one of the chalkiest teams on the slate. It's clear the Flames are going to be a key team tonight in a lot of lineups, and you should be willing to eat the chalk in this matchup. They are hosting the Ducks, who are allowing a 73.59 Corsi Against (Shot Attempts Allowed) per 60 minutes in five-on-five situations -- third-worst this season. They don't have a good offense, they don't have a good defense, and we should be looking to attack them whenever they are on the slate.

This is why we can turn to Tkachuk, who is on the first forward line and the first power-play for the Flames. He got off to a great start with nine shots and one assist in their season opener versus the Oilers. While I don't expect him to be up near nine shots on goal per game, given the easy matchup, he should be able to reach three or four easily. Add in his offensive role, and we have one of the best options on the slate.

Ryan O'Reilly ($6,800): The St. Louis Blues are -180 road favorites and that should tell you enough about the quality of their opponent. Spoiler alert: the Arizona Coyotes are bad! Not only are they bad, but the Blues are probably going to be better than most people realize this season. They made a number of good moves in the offseason and bolstered their forward depth, giving them plenty of scoring options up and down their lineup.

They are still led by O'Reilly, who is on the top forward line and the top power-play unit -- both spots you can look to stack tonight versus Arizona. O'Reilly isn't overly expensive and is looking to keep his hot starting going after he posted a goal and two shots in his first game of the season.

Value Skaters

Michael Bunting ($4,200): Bunting is on the second power-play for the Toronto Maple Leafs, and he is also on the second forward line alongside John Tavares and William Nylander. Let's just call it how it is -- both of those players are better than Bunting. It's just a fact. But, this puts him in a spot to fall into an easy assist or some shots on goal due to the quality of players around him. That is shown by his two points and nine shots on goal through two games, and that is something he can look to build on tonight.

Keith Yandle ($4,500): Yandle is skating on the top power-play for the Philadelphia Flyers, who have a 3.16 implied goal total tonight versus the Seattle Kraken. This game features a 6.0 over/under and given the defense -- or lack thereof -- from Philadelphia, it wouldn't be a surprise to see them in high-scoring games frequently. Getting low-salary exposure to those types of fantasy environments is always a good option.