NHL FanDuel Draft Percentages: Tuesday 9/1/20

Which players saw the highest roster percentages on Tuesday's NHL slate?

If you've played fantasy hockey over on FanDuel, then you know the importance of draft percentages, especially in larger-field tournaments. Knowing who the competition is using enables you to think with a contrarian mindset. And if your under-the-radar play ends up hitting, well, you're one step closer to a victory.

Each day, we'll be posting the previous night's draft percentages to help you see how the public was thinking. It'll let you see who the public used, which can be helpful when doing research for upcoming slates.

Let's take a look at the draft percentages for yesterday's main slate. If a player is not listed, his percentage was lower than 0.10%.


Player Position Salary FanDuel Points Draft Percentage
Semyon Varlamov G $8,300 6.4 39.33%
Robin Lehner G $8,700 4 31.20%
Carter Hart G $7,700 23.2 20.52%
Thatcher Demko G $7,000 41.6 6.39%
Jacob Markstrom G $7,300 0.85%
Marc-Andre Fleury G $8,700 0.77%
Thomas Greiss G $8,300 0.55%
Brian Elliott G $7,700 0.17%


PlayerPositionSalaryFanDuel PointsDraft Percentage
Max PaciorettyW$7,9009.653.13%
Mark StoneW$7,40011.246.91%
Alexander EdlerD$4,6009.643.38%
Shea TheodoreD$6,5002041.85%
Mathew BarzalC$6,10017.332.29%
William KarlssonC$5,8004.830.90%
Elias PetterssonC$7,40016.826.91%
Jonathan MarchessaultW$6,40012.826.43%
Jordan EberleW$5,20013.325.94%
Tyler ToffoliW$5,7001.624.41%
Reilly SmithW$5,10012.822.89%
Brock NelsonC$6,3002022.85%
Bo HorvatC$6,5004.822.67%
Alex TuchW$4,6004.822.31%
Ryan PulockD$4,9003.222.15%
Anthony BeauvillierW$6,3006.421.54%
J.T. MillerW$6,70019.221.30%
Anders LeeW$7,2006.420.27%
Jean-Gabriel PageauC$5,0009.618.81%
Kevin HayesC$5,40017.617.98%
Travis KonecnyW$4,80022.416.55%
Quinn HughesD$5,600816.34%
Nate SchmidtD$4,7004.815.16%
Brock BoeserW$5,30029.615.07%
Alec MartinezD$3,90011.214.15%
Josh BaileyW$4,90021.313.90%
Claude GirouxW$6,70026.412.79%
Tanner PearsonW$4,2003.212.37%
Sean CouturierC$7,200812.07%
Ivan ProvorovD$5,40014.411.86%
Jakub VoracekW$6,90089.83%
Paul StastnyC$4,4004.89.47%
James van RiemsdykW$3,50015.28.76%
Joel FarabeeW$3,70008.25%
Matt NiskanenD$3,90015.25.93%
Devon ToewsD$4,0004.85.00%
Jake VirtanenW$3,40004.77%
Adam PelechD$4,10012.84.22%
Travis SanheimD$4,5003.23.90%
Christopher TanevD$3,7004.83.06%
Nick LeddyD$3,60082.48%
Derick BrassardW$3,70016.82.17%
Philippe MyersD$3,70012.82.03%
Andy GreeneD$3,5006.41.91%
Nicolas RoyC$3,6001.61.83%
Tyler MyersD$3,5001.61.79%
Tyler MotteW$3,6006.41.75%
Nick CousinsW$3,20001.65%
Leo KomarovW$3,2003.21.44%
Adam GaudetteC$3,10001.40%
Scott LaughtonW$3,30024.81.37%
Scott MayfieldD$3,70014.41.07%
Casey CizikasC$3,20080.77%
Justin BraunD$3,60000.74%
Troy StecherD$3,6003.20.63%
Chandler StephensonC$3,5001.60.59%
Tyler PitlickW$3,5004.80.55%
Derek GrantC$3,2001.60.55%
Antoine RousselW$3,00000.51%
Robert HaggD$3,5003.20.50%
Zach WhitecloudD$3,5006.40.46%
Brayden McNabbD$3,5003.20.45%
Brandon SutterW$3,2003.20.38%
Cal ClutterbuckW$3,10080.35%
William CarrierW$3,0003.20.34%
Matt MartinW$3,0001.60.32%
Jay BeagleC$3,4001.60.31%
Nicolas Aube-KubelW$3,20000.27%
Ryan ReavesW$3,00000.24%
Patrick BrownW$3,200 0.14%
Nick HoldenD$3,5004.80.12%
Oscar FantenbergD$3,5004.80.12%
Nate ThompsonC$3,3001.60.11%