Daily Fantasy Hockey Stacks for 8/18/20

When playing NHL DFS -- much like MLB DFS -- stacking is key. Having multiple players from the same team, who correlate together, can give your lineup upside and help you maximize potential points.

You can roster up to four players from the same team in NHL, and you should look to have players from the same forward line or power-play unit together. Shared ice time is the key, as it will maximize their ability to contribute to real-life goals with each other, ultimately leading to more fantasy points for us.

Two of the best resources for that are LeftWingLock.com or DailyFaceOff.com. That is where you can find updated forward and power-play lines for each team.

Let's jump in and look at some stacks to target for goals and plenty of fantasy points.

Philadelphia Flyers

The Philadelphia Flyers hold a 2-1 series lead over the Montreal Canadiens and come into Game 4 with the second-highest implied goal on the slate, with their total sitting at 2.90.

The Canadiens are surprising some people in this first-round matchup, as they are keeping it close and generating plenty of offense. We should still be looking to the Flyers for a stack, since they have full ice-time correlation with their top line and top power-play unit, and have a strong implied goal total.

The three players on the top forward line and top power-play unit are Claude Giroux ($7,300), Sean Couturier ($7,100), and Jakub Voracek ($6,300). Full ice-time correlation allows the maximum upside for double-dipping on goals or assists, and thus, more fantasy points. We should see their top line in a good spot to produce since the Canadiens hold a 58.3 Corsi Against (Shot Attempts Allowed) per 60 minutes in 5 v 5 situations, along with allowing 11.18 High Danger Scoring Chances Against per 60 minutes.

There will be ample opportunities for the top line to generate offensive chances, many of which are goal-scoring opportunities.

Dallas Stars

The Dallas Stars have the third-highest -- 2.87 -- implied goal total on this slate and have been posting plenty of fantasy points in this series.

The Stars aren't known as a strong offensive or goal-scoring team, but they have been able to post five goals in two of their last three games, due to the fact that the Calgary Flames' defense and goaltending are very average. This elevates the Stars as a stacking option, and we continue to see them be very fairly priced. After shuffling their forward lines in the first few games, the Stars finally decided to put their best forwards on the first line -- giving us full correlation with their first power-play.

Tyler Seguin ($7,200), Jamie Benn ($6,400), and Alexander Radulov ($5,300) are the three skaters on that top forward line and power-play unit. Defender John Klingberg ($5,300) is also on the power-play and has been very productive in this series, with 14 shots, 5 assists, and 3 blocked shots. Overall, this is one of the more affordable stacks on the slate, and the production is in a spot to continue versus the Flames.