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NHL Betting Guide: Friday 10/4/19

Laurent Brossoit is expected to be in goal when the Jets travel to take on the Red Devils. Per our models, how should you bet that clash?

Hallelujah! The hockey Gods have bequeathed upon us a hockey game this Friday afternoon as the Chicago Blackhawks take on the Philadelphia Flyers in Prague, Czech Republic as a part of the NHL's Global Series. And although I don't have any skin in the game, it is nice to have an excuse to sit down, kick your feet up and have a dad pop (as if I needed another excuse). Here's hoping that Gritty isn't more entertaining than the on-ice product of these once proud franchises.

As for betting today, here some lines worth checking out.

Winnipeg Jets at New Jersey Devils

Jets +1.5 (-210): 5-Star Rating Out of 5

Well, folks, here it is! Your first five star recommendation of the season, per our models.

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