NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Odds: A Tight Race

Which team does our algorithm think will be lifting the Stanley Cup this season?

The Stanley Cup playoffs begin this week, and our algorithm's been hard at work trying to predict this year's winner. Will Nashville get revenge this year and win it all? How competitive will the Golden Knights be? Will Pittsburgh make it a three-peat?

You can find out in the chart below, which shows each team's odds to win Round 1, as well as team odds of winning the Stanley Cup.

TeamRound 1 OddsStanley Cup Odds
Nashville Predators66.90%12.85%
Tampa Bay Lightning69.86%12.33%
Winnipeg Jets57.58%10.55%
Boston Bruins53.86%9.38%
Vegas Golden Knights53.56%7.44%
Toronto Maple Leafs46.14%6.77%
Washington Capitals54.24%6.71%
Pittsburgh Penguins58.77%5.92%
Los Angeles Kings46.44%5.00%
Minnesota Wild42.42%4.88%
San Jose Sharks48.81%4.47%
Anaheim Ducks51.19%4.21%
Columbus Blue Jackets45.76%3.48%
Philadelphia Flyers41.23%2.57%
Colorado Avalanche33.10%1.91%
New Jersey Devils30.14%1.53%