Bears' Justin Fields excited for "clean slate" ahead of second season

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields to reporters Monday that, “It definitely feels good to have a clean slate," following the changes the team has made to its coaching staff and general manger.

What It Means:

Fields expressed excitement about having a defensive-minded head coach that could help him better understand defensive coverages, as well as for a dedicated offensive coordinator (as opposed to former head coach Matt Nagy, who also operated as the primary play-caller for most of Fields' rookie season). Fields' first NFL season was mired by rookie mistakes and head-scratching play calls, so his excitement for a clean slate is certainly understandable.

For all the rough moments in Fields' rookie year (such as his nine-sack debut as the team's starter), the 11th-overall pick of the 2021 draft certainly flashed the elite skillset that earned him such a high draft spot. His 9.8 intended air yards per pass attempt ranked second in the league, and his elite speed was apparent whenever he was called upon to run the ball; his 420 rushing yards ranked fourth in the league at the quarterback position. Hopefully Fields will be able to make a significant leap in his second season with new leadership at the helm.