Redskins seeking value comparable to a second-round pick in exchange for Trent Williams

The Washington Redskins only trade demand for Trent Williams is "something comparable in value" according to NBC Sport's JP Finlay.

What It Means:

The Williams-Redskins saga appears to be nearing its long-awaited conclusion, with the Redskins now willing to consider trade packages that amount to the same value of a second-round pick. Williams is seeking $18 million annually and shouldn't have a shortage of interested teams. However, with the NFL draft fast approaching (for now), the Redskins may be forced to settle for far less than they could have if they traded the former 4th overall pick last season.

In 2018, Williams' last season, he earned a Pro Football Focus pass-blocking grade of 80.7 and a run-blocking grade of 69.9. In his last 1,407 snaps, Williams has allowed just 1 sack.

Source: JP Finlay