Introducing Our New Fantasy Football Draft Kit App

Use our new fantasy football draft kit app to dominate your fantasy football draft.

Fantasy football draft season is right around the corner, and you'll want every edge you can get.

You're already on numberFire, so you know what our advanced algorithms can do for your fantasy football success. Now, you can harness that quantitative power into the palm of your hand by downloading our brand new draft kit app to make sure you dominate on draft day.

Customize It for Your League

Play in different leagues? Everyone does! The draft kit app is fully customizable to ensure that you're targeting the right players in your specific league.

That way you're covered in your PPR leagues, your two-quarterback setups, your auction drafts, and your leagues that offer bonus points for long touchdowns.

Just input your league settings and the app automatically adjusts our rankings to your settings and tells you who the best picks are.

Utilize FireFactor

Your league settings matter, and after you get yours locked in, players will be ranked by FireFactor, our in-house mechanism that weighs a player's fantasy point total relative to replacement-level options at the same position.

FireFactor makes sure you're targeting the smartest options at every pick, every round and avoids targeting easy-to-replace options based on your current setup, something static rankings can't do.

Make Custom Lists and Filters

Shuffling through your loose-leaf notes on draft day can cause you to overlook that sleeper you wanted to draft or to click "draft" on that guy you wanted no part of.

Draft day gets the nerves flowing, but with our draft kit app, you can add players to a watchlist or create your own custom lists to identify sleepers and busts to stay organized on the big day.

You can also utilize the filters in the app to sort players by FireFactor, fantasy points, names, average draft position, or auction value as well as to target players on certain teams or who are atop the depth chart, letting you find diamonds in the rough easily.

Read Player Profiles, News, and Content

Did you fall out of the loop in the offseason? Want to make sure your next pick didn't get placed on injured reserve? Just tap a player's name, see his stats, read the latest buzz, and check out his schedule.

And if you're looking for some reading material, check out the news section for breaking updates in the NFL and read up on some fantasy football strategy while you're there, too!

Download our draft kit today, and crush your league all season.