Trent Richardson Shed Some Weight, But That Doesn't Make Him Good at Football

Trent Richardson dropped some weight, but it doesn't matter. He's still not the first-round pick teams thought he'd be.

Today, the Baltimore Ravens posted before-and-after pictures of Trent Richardson to their official Twitter account.

The Ravens were asking for trolls by posting the image -- Richardson has become a player fans make fun of, and why is there a Dunkin' Donuts ad slapped across the middle of a before-and-after image?

While we've seen running backs shed weight and become better (Le'Veon Bell), we're still talking about one of the more inefficient running backs of this era in Richardson.

In fact, of the 299 running backs with 100 or more carries since 2000, Richardson's -58.89 Rushing Net Expected Points total (or NEP, which you can read about more in our glossary) ranks 31st worst. In other words, he's effectively lost more points than nearly 90% of relevant running backs since the turn of the century.

That's not Andre Williams bad, but it's still pretty atrocious for a guy who was selected third overall back in 2012. It's hard to imagine weight loss is going to make him any sort of relevant next season.