Week 2 Roundtable: the numberFire Experts' NFL Predictions

The numberFire team will be predicting the week's biggest games, upsets, and fantasy stars all year. Find out what they say about this week's matchups.

Each week, the great minds behind numberFire will give you some answers to the big questions of the weekend. Who will win the Game of the Week? Who would you pick this week if your life depended on it? And somebody actually thinks Randy Moss is good? Find out all that and more below.

Game of the Week Pick: Baltimore at Philadelphia. Who you got?

Keith Goldner, Chief Analyst: Philly. I'm obligated to choose them.

Nik Bonaddio, CEO: Philadelphia. No way Andy Reid decides to throw the ball 55 times when he's got a Porsche in LeSean McCoy waiting to go off. Baltimore isn't as good as Cincinnati made them look, and Philadelphia isn't as bad as they made themselves look.

Michael Worthington, CTO: I've been bearish on Vick all preseason, and his performance last week only solidified it. Four interceptions, woof! The Ravens on the other hand looked like a well-oiled machine. Flacco looked comfortable, Mr. Raymell did what he does best, and the defense is looking youthful. Have to go with the Ravens.

Zach Warren, Editor: On paper, it should be the Eagles. You have Vick, McCoy, and numerous pass-catchers, then couple it with a strong secondary to counteract the Ravens' new fast-paced offense. In real life? No idea. I'm on record as having the Ravens be my AFC Super Bowl pick, but I'll say Vick gets it back on track. Eagles, but not happy about it.

GotW Records: Everybody: 0-1 (Gotta love the Packers!)

Which game this week is your upset special?

Keith: St. Louis over Washington. No way RGIII plays at that high of a level in consecutive weeks.

Nik: I wouldn't be surprised if RGIII fell back down to earth and the Rams beat the Redskins at home.

Michael: Not a glamorous upset, but I can see Cleveland topping Cincinnati this week.

Zach: I'm taking the Dolphins over the Raiders. I have about as much faith in Ryan Tannehill as I do in Jerry Jones to stay silent at a press conference, but that defense is a lot better than 30 points against the Texans in week 1 would have you believe.

Upset Special Records: Keith and Michael (you nailed the Redskins?!?): 1-0, Nik and Zach: 0-1

Who is more likely to lose again: the Saints or the Steelers?

Keith: Steelers. Jets defense is the X-factor in those two games.

Nik: The Saints. They're on the road, on grass and have zero rushing attack. The Steelers will have a much healthier team and the Heinz Field crowd behind them.

Michael: "How Spagnuolo Got His Groove Back" will be playing on TVs week two. Steve Spagnuolo hasn't done anything to brag about since he left my beloved Super Bowl-winning Giants back at the end of the 2008 season. And he carried over his Rams' losing streak to New Orleans as defensive coordinator. However, all he'll need to do is watch how Tampa Bay shut down Carolina to get a W. Which leaves me with the Steelers losing to the Jets. Sanchez doesn't want to lose his job to Tebow. Sorry, Nik.

Zach: That Saints defense just looked lost last week against the Redskins, and Cam Newton was RGIII 1.0. With the game being in Carolina as well, I think the Saints have a legitimate shot to fall 0-2. Also, I don't trust Sanchez to be competent two weeks in a row.

Who are you picking for a survivor pool this week?

Keith: New England.

Nik: Pats. No contest.

Michael: New England. Lock it up.

Zach: It has to be the Patriots. Even though I do think Kolb is a better QB than Skelton.

Survivor Records: Michael and Zach: 1-0, Keith and Nik: 0-1. My favorite quote from Nik before going 0-1: "As sick as RGIII is going to be, no way they waltz down to the Bayou and beat Drew Brees."

Who will be the best currently under-the-radar fantasy player this week?

Keith: Lance Moore. Going to be a high scoring game between New Orleans and Carolina. With Devery Henderson out, that means more targets for Sir Lancelot.

Nik: He's vaguely on the radar, but Reggie Bush will explode this week.

Michael: Keep your eyes on Rod Streater, this week and the rest of the season. He's going to take advantage every opportunity he can before Denarius Moore gets back.

Zach: Watch out for Danny Amendola against the Redskins. Led St. Louis in targets by a mile week 1, and the Redskins didn't do a great job of stopping the Saints' receivers.