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Daily Fantasy Football: Are Rookie Wide Receivers Too Volatile?

Rookie wide receivers have provided their share of highlights the past few years, but does that make them viable options in daily fantasy football?

The 2014 NFL season was nothing short of ign'ant for rookie wide receivers. You had Odell Beckham and his three-finger death grab, a 12-touchdown season for Mike Evans, and Kelvin Benjamin's garbage-time galore, just to name a few of the big contributors.

That season seemed to fly in the face of general perception that wide receivers are musts to avoid in their rookie seasons. It muddied the waters of the line of thinking when assessing these youngsters.

We've already seen that running backs can put up similar production to their non-rookie counterparts, while quarterbacks tend to struggle pretty mightily. Those outcomes are both in line with what we assumed to be the case going in. With wide receivers, I have no idea what to think beforehand.

Is it possible that 2014 was just an outlier for an otherwise bleak landscape? Or was it the rebuttal to a previously incorrect assumption? Let's check it out.

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