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Daily Fantasy Football: Do Older Running Backs Decline Late in the Season?

Running backs take a lot of hits throughout the year. Does this have a negative effect on the daily fantasy football production from the older members of the group?

I made the mistake as a young pup of peaking too early.

In fourth grade, I balled out at four square. My agility was on point, and my hand-eye coordination was finally starting to round out. Things came easily that year.

Fifth grade started largely the same. I was able to get to that king square and hold court for a good chunk of each recess. I was feeling good.

But as the year went along, something wasn't right. I could feel my body start to deteriorate the further we got into the school year, and my performance dipped with it. Suddenly, I was hitting lines with more regularity, and I couldn't get my left foot out of the way quickly enough. By the end of the year, I had nothing left in the tank.

Even though the NFL season isn't nearly as grating on your physical condition as four square, I wouldn't be shocked if players experienced similar drop-offs as they aged. We've seen how much running-back production drops off as a whole as they age year to year, but do they see similar fall offs during the season?

This could have implications for your daily fantasy football decision making. If we can see a serious decline in production for older backs, that should influence how you value them when you're filling out your rosters. Is this something we actually need to consider? Let's take a look.


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