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Daily Fantasy Football: An Introduction to Research

Sure, winning at daily fantasy football is fun. But so is the research. This article goes through some ways you can find solid values while also enjoying yourself.

Under most circumstances, "research" is the equivalent of a four-letter word. If you use it, you can be certain those around you will react negatively.

And who can blame them? We spent our educational careers knowing that research meant late nights in the library and/or last-minute Wikipedia binges. It carries a gross connotation for our younger selves.

Daily fantasy sports is a bit different. For me, researching for a slate is my favorite part. Sure, I enjoy sweating out the games over the weekend, but the research is what helps to make that exciting. When the hard work you did helps you identify a player who has a big game, you'll be feeling fine and dandy for days.

Eventually, you'll all develop your individual methods for compiling research. However, in case you're looking for some guidance in getting started, I'll go through the process I use. This is not by any stretch of the imagination the only way to do your research. But if you need a jumping off point, let's break down some methods I have found useful.

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