The Best (and Worst) Fantasy Football Defenses Over the Last 5 Years

Which defenses have been easy targets for your fantasy football start-sit decisions over the last five years? Which ones should you have avoided?

Projecting how well a team or player is going to perform based on his upcoming schedule is a difficult task. In the NFL, there's not only so much turnover each year, but small sample sizes can really skew the way we view certain aspects of the game.

In fantasy football, that doesn't mean you should just ignore schedules completely because of the year-to-year variance we see -- you still want every advantage you can get. Take, for instance, a recent article from our own Aaron Watson on schedules and fantasy football quarterbacks. Having information like that in your back pocket can be really helpful during your draft.

The purpose of this particular piece isn't to necessarily dig into certain players or positions entering 2015. And to many, that may mean this article is completely worthless. But if you're interested, I've compiled a list showing the fantasy points per game averages each team has allowed over the last five years.

Again, this isn't specific to positions -- it actually includes all positions. So, if a team, say, allowed 72 fantasy points per game in a particular season, that means the quarterback, wide receiver, running back and tight end compiled 72 PPR fantasy points per contest.

I've sorted the table below by the team's median fantasy points allowed. The top team won't surprise you, nor will most of the list. But it's an interesting exercise in showing which defenses we've generally avoided in fantasy football over the last half decade (Seattle), and which ones we've targeted (Washington).

1Seattle Seahawks52.7650.0455.1762.4978.0155.17
2Pittsburgh Steelers74.6669.7356.5851.651.956.58
3San Francisco 49ers6661.1757.2157.3667.5261.17
4New York Jets74.4872.1564.0460.9260.4464.04
5Cincinnati Bengals68.3560.4162.4464.5767.1364.57
6Kansas City Chiefs64.7969.8575.766.2665.4466.26
7Baltimore Ravens68.4968.6367.4553.5261.6767.45
8Atlanta Falcons78.4380.6165.6667.4963.3667.49
9Houston Texans68.0770.8366.7757.1781.4868.07
10St. Louis Rams66.9669.4668.2271.9966.3468.22
11Chicago Bears82.0480.0657.7368.4657.8168.46
12San Diego Chargers68.6573.4968.1171.1155.6768.65
13Miami Dolphins71.468.4368.6669.4662.8468.66
14Carolina Panthers70.0657.4668.7678.4468.5368.76
15Cleveland Browns69.3172.3373.461.3668.0269.31
16Green Bay Packers69.6778.6268.678.9855.769.67
17Arizona Cardinals70.2167.1664.1269.8675.9869.86
18Indianapolis Colts70.368.7974.5976.9869.6970.3
19New England Patriots68.1572.671.9978.4469.7871.99
20Detroit Lions61.7572.1973.2773.269.4572.19
21Tennessee Titans79.367.4580.866.8972.4272.42
22Dallas Cowboys69.586.9172.8469.2576.1672.84
23Denver Broncos67.1176.1160.6872.8982.3972.89
24Minnesota Vikings69.8788.0373.0779.9863.673.07
25New York Giants76.3666.5773.477.5263.873.4
26New Orleans Saints79.8362.0988.0973.9158.0573.91
27Buffalo Bills59.3871.175.7277.5575.6175.61
28Philadelphia Eagles78.9977.8676.1167.2470.1376.11
29Jacksonville Jaguars76.180.776.2662.9578.8476.26
30Tampa Bay Buccaneers77.4773.9878.7983.3163.9477.47
31Oakland Raiders78.1580.4476.9979.5969.9178.15
32Washington Redskins78.8878.2478.8870.575.6478.24