Using Our Draft Kit to Win Your CBS Sports Fantasy Football League

Could Aaron Rodgers actually be had at a value in CBS drafts?

One of the best parts about fantasy football is that you can play it your own way.

Of course, there's not much that gets done differently, but you can customize things in your own way.

Don't want running backs to dominate scoring? Join a PPR league. Think tight ends should be more involved? Give them 1.5 points per catch.

Think it's silly to give quarterbacks only four points for passing touchdowns? Give 'em six.

That's what you'll find on CBS Sports' default league settings. So when you scope out draft rankings, you'll want to make sure that they're meant for your specific scoring -- and roster -- settings. You can customize our rankings to your league's details with our free fantasy football draft kit.

So how do our projections say you should attack a default CBS league (with a running back and receiver flex spot)? And which players are values based on their draft app?

Fundamental Differences

1. CBS default scoring provides six points for all touchdowns. Does that change how you should value quarterbacks? (Not really, but CBS does undervalue the position as a whole.) 

2. We don't like tight ends as much as the CBS ranks do. That's not a surprise, as our FireFactor approach devalues tight ends because of the league settings.

3. Player selection. It sounds simplistic, but there are a lot of differences in individual ranks at the running back and receiver positions.

4. There are only five bench spots. Most leagues have six spots as a default, and that means that this draft is only 14 rounds. Stashing players won't be as easy if your benches are short.

Overvalued CBS Players According to Our Projections

Again, this is a general theme, but plenty of tight ends are listed higher on CBS's draft app than our projections think they should be -- based more on league settings and scoring. As a reminder, I chose to set our draft kit to flex settings, and that still means that you can only start one tight end.

Notable Overvalued Players Pos CBS rank numberFire rank Difference
Kyle Rudolph TE 98 226 -128
Jordan Cameron TE 93 171 -78
Seattle D/ST D 75 131 -56
Greg Olsen TE 43 78 -35
Travis Kelce TE 48 69 -21
Jimmy Graham TE 28 48 -20
Rob Gronkowski TE 17 34 -17

All of these players are at least a full round (in 12-team leagues) higher than we'd suggest taking them. Surprisingly, Kyle Rudolph and Jordan Cameron find themselves listed inside the top 100 on CBS but are firmly outside our top 150. Also, the Seattle D/ST is found 75th in the draft app.

There's a long list of players with pretty different rankings at the flex-eligible spot.

Notable Overvalued Players Pos CBS rank numberFire rank Difference
Jonas Gray RB 59 234 -175
Breshad Perriman WR 79 147 -68
David Johnson RB 87 140 -53
Ryan Mathews RB 51 98 -47
Tre Mason RB 74 111 -37
Kelvin Benjamin WR 31 58 -27
Amari Cooper WR 66 90 -24
Jarvis Landry WR 71 94 -23
Giovani Bernard RB 61 81 -20
Martavis Bryant WR 68 87 -19
Mike Wallace WR 70 88 -18
Brandin Cooks WR 35 52 -17
Michael Floyd WR 84 101 -17
Mike Evans WR 24 40 -16
Julio Jones WR 8 20 -12

Of these 15 players, 10 are inside our top 100, so it's not like our algorithms are saying not to draft them, but just be aware that some of your mid-to-late round targets could be off the board sooner than you're used to.

Also, take note that Julio Jones is listed eight overall. We like him plenty, but if he's your favorite Round 2 target and you're playing on CBS, he may be gone sooner than usual if your leaguemates rely on the default list.

Undervalued CBS Players According to Our Projections

Opposite of the list of players we think are being a bit overvalued (which was basically all tight ends), some of the biggest values to be had in this format are quarterbacks.

Notable Undervalued Players Pos CBS Rank numberFire Rank Difference
Philip Rivers QB 219 57 162
Carson Palmer QB 240 123 117
Matthew Stafford QB 123 47 76
Sam Bradford QB 183 117 66
Drew Brees QB 77 12 65
Colin Kaepernick QB 223 163 60
Ryan Tannehill QB 128 77 51
Eli Manning QB 138 99 39
Jay Cutler QB 142 104 38
Matt Ryan QB 50 21 29
Tony Romo QB 80 51 29
Aaron Rodgers QB 33 7 26

Aaron Rodgers
stands out as a significant value, but it's understandable if he's not there near the end of Round 3. You could still land a number of other value picks by waiting on the quarterback, such as Matt Ryan, Drew Brees, Matthew Stafford, and Philip Rivers.

Plus, with one fewer bench spot, teams will probably be less likely to hang on to two quarterbacks, leaving the talent pool on the waiver wire even deeper than usual.

Which flex guys can be found down the list?

Notable Undervalued Players Pos CBS Rank numberFire Rank Difference
Danny Woodhead RB 257 118 139
Charles Sims RB 175 105 70
Kenny Britt WR 205 136 69
Larry Fitzgerald WR 150 83 67
Victor Cruz WR 140 89 51
Bishop Sankey RB 154 103 51
Brian Quick WR 156 106 50
Torrey Smith WR 116 72 44
Brandon Marshall WR 104 66 38
Vincent Jackson WR 120 82 38
Charles Johnson WR 133 96 37
Eric Decker WR 122 91 31
Tevin Coleman RB 95 71 24
Allen Robinson WR 127 107 20
Jonathan Stewart RB 55 39 16
Alfred Morris RB 39 25 14
Latavius Murray RB 42 28 14
LeGarrette Blount RB 56 43 13

Quite a few. As has been the case on the other two sites, the Rams' top two receivers -- Brian Quick and Kenny Britt -- are significant values to be found later in drafts. We're also higher on veteran receivers than CBS's default ranks are, so you could likely find value at the receiver position throughout.

Remember -- you'll be short a draft spot -- so you might have to decide on an upside player such as Allen Robinson or a more established name such as Brandon Marshall, and that will stem from your draft to that point.

Hidden Gems

Given the short benches, a lot of players listed at around 150 or worse might be gem-worthy, but I'll still throw out a few names to monitor as the offseason progresses.

DeVante Parker is listed 749th, though with his injury concerns, you might have a hard time justifying him over someone who can contribute immediately.

Rueben Randle (ranked 9999th) could be worth a look if Victor Cruz has a setback with his patellar tendon injury.

Rookie running back Cameron Artis-Payne is found 822nd and could be in line for a starting role if Jonathan Stewart were to get injured.